Issue 2492 - 6th February 2020
Editors: Kitty & Sara

Hello Readers,

I am sure that you will all join me in extending huge congratulations to Lt Col Vinnie Bongioanni on his promotion. We are especially delighted that this promotion came during his tour here on Ascension Island.

A warm welcome to Xander Hallewell, Carolyn Nutkins and a few others who have recently joined us in the middle of the South Atlantic. We hope that you will enjoy your experience on Ascension!

One of the guarantees of living on Ascension is that at some stage we must all leave. On the flight on the weekend we will bid a sad but fond farewell to Gilbert "Boot" and Prudie Peters. I am so sorry that I didnt get the chance to sit and prepare a little article with them before they leave. I am sure that Gilbert would have had a lot of good and funny memories to share. The one thing I have always loved and admired about Boot and Prudy is their ability to still make each other laugh after all the years that they have been together. A truly lovely couple who will be missed by everyone who knows them.  We wish you both the very best for the future.

As I write this week's editorial, the rain is pouring down outside.  Less than a few hours of rainfall and already there are huge puddles on the roadsides as well as some areas of red ash washout making it rather dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians.  Motorists should be mindful of their speed as we will also start to see donkeys and sheep drinking from the road sides.   February has always been the main month for flooding here on Ascension, lets hope that we dont have to start pulling out the sand bags and the weather remains good for the SA Airlink flight on the weekend.

There appears to be something a  little weird and mystifying going on in Two Boats Village at the moment.  Some of the residents have reported strange sounds at night....but could it really be a bat?!  Whilst not impossible, it is certainly highly unlikely.... surely?! I remain as unconvinced as there being a Monkat on St Helena! Many had professed to have seen or heard it but there was never any photographic evidence produced. The Islander would love to receive any footage/pics from anyone who manages to capture a shot of the Two Boats visitor. Please report any sightings/sounds to the Conservation Department.  Those late night stragglers from Two BoatsClub who have had a few shots or beers need not bother.... we still dont believe those little green men stories...

Until next time, have a great week.


Kitty and Sara

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